The Best Little Cocktail Bar In Blanes

Right at the beach, in the center of town, across from the Rock 'Sa Palomera' -- the official start of the Costa Brava
Cocktails at the beach, Can Tirol, Blanes
Pina Colada at cocktail bar Can Tirol, Blanes
Sangria at Can Tirol in Blanes
Pachamama in Blanes at Cocktail bar Can Tirol
Blanes, popular Costa Brava beach resort

La roca de Sa Palomera, the rocky promontory you see in the middle of the photo,  marks the official start of the Costa Brave — Catalonia’s wild coast.

To the south (upper half of the photo) S’Abanell — one of the longest beaches on the Costa Brava — stretches past the El Pins district, where you find a mixture of residential buildings, hotels and campings.

To the north is Platja de Blanes, lined by the popular promenade with its many restaurants, the Monday morning market, and the Sardana dance area.

Behind the promenade is Blanes’ old town — a mixture of picturesque streets, authentic tapas bars, restaurants and modern shops.

And right across from the rock is Cocktail bar Can Tirol.  Far away from any traffic, our terrace offers fantastic, panoramic views of the Bay of Blanes.

Come and relax at our shaded outdoor terrace.  We’ve got a large selection of wonderful drinks: freshly made right here.

Enjoy the views: beautiful people on the beach; tourists making their way to the top of the rock; fishing vessels, sail boats and yachts coming and going at the harbor, and people having fun at beaches left, right and center.

Where to Find Can Tirol

Can Tirol is easy to find — even if this is your very first visit to Blanes.

  • Go to the beach.
  • Locate the big rock in the sea (it’s called Sa Palomera)
  • Can Tirol is right across from that rock

You’ll enjoy our raised terrace, directly at the beach (no traffic).

Calle San Andreu de la Palomera 8

Cocktail bar Can Tirol is right across from Sa Palomera in Blanes
Blanes, popular Costa Brava beach resort

When We Are Open

Can Tirol is open during the tourist season — usually from the beginning of June until the end of September.

We are open from 14:00 (2pm) until 3:00 (3am).

Often you will see us sitting outside, cleaning and preparing the fresh fruit and other ingredients that go into our home-made drinks.

Can Tirol