Can Tirol: Cocktails at the Beach of Blanes, Costa Brava

The sea-side resort of Blanes, in the province of Girona (Catalonia), is known as the Gateway to the Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava (Wild Coast) is known for its fantastic natural beauty: long, golden-sanded beaches, interspersed with rocky shores, caves, coves and ‘private’ beaches.

In Blanes the actual start of the Costa Brava is marked by Sa Palomera, the rocky promontory situated right between the old and the new part of town.

Can Tirol: Famous Sangria, Fantastic Cocktails, and Panoramic Views

Right across from ‘the rock’ is Can Tirol – a charming cocktail bar famous for its home-made, secret-recipe Sangria, as well as for its fantastic cocktails.

Can Tirol

The Can Tirol terrace is the perfect place to relax with good friends and a nice drink.

Sheltered from the sun by two huge parasols, Can Tirol’s prime location offers beautiful panoramic views of Blanes, the bay of Blanes, and two of its beautiful beaches.

To the far left — rising above the old city center — there’s the hill, topped with the ruins of the Castle of Sant Joan and, a little lower, Mari Murtra, considered one of Europe’s most beautiful botanical gardens.

The fishing harbor, with its daily fish auction, and the just as popular pleasure craft marina are bustling with activity.

The beautiful beach of Blanes stretches along its restaurant-lined, traffic-free promenade. At the far end, passenger ferries sail right up to the beach. Closer the calm, sheltered water of the bay of Blanes attracts young and old.

To the far right one can spot the pine trees that gave El Pins, the more modern part of town, its name. The area is home to many of Blanes’ hotels and campgrounds.

The blue waters of the Mediterranean sea gently kiss S’Abenell, the longest beach along the Costa Brava.

The beach directly in front of Can Tirol’s terrace is home to a number of fishing sloops — many of which are used on a daily basis by local fishermen, catching a fresh meal either for their own families or for one of the many seafood restaurants in the neighborhood.

People Watching

Can Tirol’s terrace is also a prime spot for people watching. Both tourists and locals saunter by or relax on the sheltered beach right in front of the cocktail bar. Children play along the water’s edge, while daring teenagers jump into the sea from the face of Sa Palomera.

Speaking of the rock, you’ll want to climb it, of course (steps provided). The trek is less daunting than you might imagine, and you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view over the ocean in one direction and Blanes in the other.

The Art of Can Tirol

You’ll notice right away that Can Tirol has something extra: there’s evidence of an artistic soul work.

Indeed, the cocktail bar is owned and operated by Joaquim, an artist who — with the help of friends and family members — has given the place some artistic touches: a colorful building, a hand-crafted menu, hand-painted planters and pebbles, and of course the chalk board signs in the grass, carrying the name of Can Tirol’s favorite drinks.

One of the pleasures of spending time at Can Tirol is watching the reactions of newcomers when they take their first sip of a freshly made Piña Colada, Mojito, Caipirinha, Daiquiri, or any other cocktail. You know right away your drink is made with genuine, fresh ingredients and a generous hand. That, too, is the art of Can Tirol.

And speaking of art… Joaquim is also a keen photographer. Soon you will his some of his photographs posted at this website. Stay tuned!

And of course: see you at Can Tirol!

Remember how to get there? Go to the beach. Look for ‘the rock.’ Walk in that direction. You’ll find Can Tirol right across from it.

– Written by the publishers of, in appreciation of many fine memories provided by Can Tirol